Highfield Print

We worked closely with Highfields Print to develop a brand identity; we were really pleased with the brand icon which is a series of dots inspired by the halftone printing process DOTS per inch with the letter 'H' for Highfields highlighted in the centre. It's clever thinking like this which makes us a little proud of ourselves as this brand really had meaning for a man whose been in print for quite a while!

The next brief we received in from Highfields was this 'design me a website that looks nothing like other printer's sites'. Our pleasure we say!

First step was developing a site map; what's important to be on the website to help gain the results Highfields Print are looking for. Once we had an understanding of the pages we could think about the images and how we could tie them into the brand. Which is why we used the same dotty effect (using the half tone screen effect if you're a technical terms person!) from the brand icon for the main images selected for each page. The images were a blend of people and projects because this is an important part of who the business owner is and how he runs his printing business. As usual when we create a brand the colours are an important element, Jay specified his love of woodland colours and tree greens. The bright lime green contrasting with a deep forest green gives a great visual impact on the website. And finally everything needed to work visually from wherever you are viewing the website be it on your mobile or desktop browser.

We're really pleased as designers with the visual effect we've acheived with this website and more importantly our client is happy with his https://highfieldsprint.co.uk/ website too!


Projects Completed

Brand identity creation and website design

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