At Silver Birch Creative, we offer the same expertise that you’d expect from the big boys, but with the hunger of a smaller business. We are a design agency with soul, passion and personality, the perfect combination of experience and enthusiasm.
We really care about working relationships - designers, rather than account handlers, take, analyse, and challenge the brief directly with the client.
It’s a no-brainer really.
Face-to-face discussion and understanding helps us focus on what matters, and produce better design.


Karl Shaw

Creative Director / Owner

The creator of Silver Birch Creative. When I take on a branding project I become emotionally attached. I'm fully committed to the success of the identity. So when you engage with myself and The Birch you get 100% trust and engagement to the project.

Emma Shaw


Emma looks after the business side of things and makes sure everything runs along smoothly on a day to day basis. Although originally from a retail background she is passionate about design and has a good eye for detail.  

Anything can be inspiration if you have the vision and the mindset to look at things a little bit differently.