How can you build familiarity and trust if your organisation doesn’t have a personality that is appealing, consistent and effectively represents you and your company values?

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We are Graphic Designers... but what does that mean?

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A website needs to do more than just look good. It needs to be simple to navigate and excellent at self-promotion – in fact, it needs to work as hard as you do! The brand and image of your company should be reinforced by your website.

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When it comes to print, quality and reliability is key. You can have the strongest, most compelling, piece – but if it’s badly printed, the impact is lost.

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Here at the Birch we know how illustration can be vital in adding personality and expression to a project or brand.

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A picture paints a thousand words. The right photograph needs no explanation.

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If your products and services aren’t out there, then you can’t compete. Great advertising can help your voice speak louder and reach further than ever before.

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Creating the right brand identity for your fashion brand is the foundation of your business – any good fashion branding agency knows this.

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The passion, energy and skill that underpins all successful sporting endeavours unites and excites all those involved.

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Movement can really bring a brand to life, an extra element to catch the eye and get your product or service the recognition it needs.

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Real Tribute Order of Service

No one’s life is ‘ordinary’

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