Kit Change Fashion Branding

Kit Change was established with a simple goal: to develop stylish and sustainable activewear.

For years they worked in fast fashion, producing throw away clothing that compromised the planet.
Their aim is to do things the right way. It’s not about age, size, or levels of fitness. These are our clothes worn your way.

What they can promise is that they’ll always use the best quality recycled or earth-friendly fabrics they can find. Their designs will be well thought out, fit for purpose and long-lasting.

Karl our Creative Director first met the founders of Kit Change at a gruelling circuit training session which is quite apt. Vicky and Emily then invited us to their studio to discuss in more detail the vision for the new venture. They presented us with a mood board of styles and colours for consideration, all of which we absorbed. The key element for us was the need for change in fashion, hence the name. So how could we create an identity that breaks the mould in its visual presentation? The journey was challenging but so rewarding. 

The final icon/mark was developed in a typographic way by stacking the letters into a tower and subtly adjusting the kerning so the letters entwined as the fabrics would do. This in itself created one of the sub-identities. We then cut into this type structure to create the Letter ‘K’ and for a time this seemed to be the answer. But as an icon, it was dynamic but static at the same time. Next came the brave decision. Why don’t we take the top section and isolate this as the icon? It has the letters which form the word Kit and the letter C forms the base of the shape. Structurally we end up with a right angle block which can align and sit pretty in almost any situation and portrays the energy we required. The brand is fluid with multiple assets to use in new collection designs. This brand is truly adaptable for the ever-changing and demanding fashion world.

Projects Completed

Brand identity and Assets. 

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