Be smart when choosing your brand colours.

One key element to creating a distinctive brand identity is the colour. Colour is so important to your brand, it can sway thinking, change actions, and cause a reaction. When considering your Pantone references it is handy to pick a colour where the Solid Spot and CMYK Process is similar if not the same in tone. This helps with consistency when printing your marketing material. Printing Spot colours will get you a good consistent tone but in some cases, the CMYK colour process is required.

So if you want your printed materials to match as best as possible be smart in choosing your colours. In the Pantone swatch book, the Spot colours appear in the left column and the Process colours in the right. The above image shows an example of what we are talking about. Pantone 7488 U shows how much they can differ and the below Pantone 7738 U image shows a good tone balance.

The Birch has the expertise in design for print and makes sure anything we design is printed to the correct colour specification and quality to fit the brief/budget.