Real Tribute Order of Service

Welcome to Real Tribute. Our bespoke design offer for Order of services for funerals. No one’s life is ‘ordinary’ – we are human beings capable of extra-ordinary things and we live lives full of colour and emotion. And when that life is over, it is imperative that those who are left behind remember that – and celebrate it.

Real Tribute is an alternative to the ‘traditional’ order of services for funerals. We offer something that captures the very essence of a person; a bespoke document that will tell the story of their life in words and pictures and will provide comfort and happy memories for friends and family. Each design is unique to the individual and is a lasting tribute to your loved one. All designed in our studio by our skilled senior designers. 


Using personal experience to bring comfort to others. It was through my own run of really bad luck that Real Tribute was born. Having lost some very dear uncles and aunts through illness I wanted to ensure that they had the best possible send-off. Being a Graphic Designer and owner of Silver Birch Creative, I had the necessary skill, and the means, to produce something truly memorable – a real tribute (hence the name). The most logical solution was to create an order of service that told a story – the story of their life. The response was overwhelming, now I want to offer this to other families who wish to have something similar to celebrate their loved one’s life.

To me, a plain A4 sheet of paper just doesn’t do someone justice. Our loved ones deserve better than that – so make the last thing you do for them truly memorable.

Karl Shaw, Creator of Real Tribute



The size of the Order of Service's are 180mm x 180mm square. 

The page options are either Four or Eight, so depending on whether you require more images or text one should work. Each Real Tribute will be

designed with insight, warmth and genuine affection. Design cost = 4 page £195 and 8 page £295.