Saylavy Book Keeping

Spring is just around the corner so like most we look to refresh our decor in the home. This same philosophy can apply to our business in terms of its visual communication. 

Refreshing your brand identity can be very subtle and just a simple colour change or a tweak on the icon shape. If a brand has visual heritage it is important to maintain certain elements that people can still identify with. Savlavy approached the Birch wanting a colour palette change to give a more sophisticated appeal to the brand. As part of the creative process, we felt the icon/mark was the true identifiable part of the identity. We also reviewed the logotype font and how this complimented the icon. The word Saylavy contents two descenders and with the current font used it looked too loose and open. We needed more of a connection with the mark. By opting for a more condensed and compact font like “Antonio” we were able to bring the two together. The result was far more harmonious.

The colour palette consists of sophisticated warm grey tones and a secondary contrasting palette which adds energy and vibe. 


Who are Saylavy?

Saylavy was established in 2010 with the sole purpose to help business owners do what they do best!

Focusing on taking away the mundane day to day data processing, compliance and financial reconciling to give business owners more time and fewer headaches. Providing bookkeeping and complimentary services to help plug the gap and support businesses owners.


Projects Completed

Brand identity refresh, Brand assets for Social Media 

Thinking about a brand refresh?

Drop us an email for an informal chat and review of your identity.