Burrows Recovery

Who doesn't love big trucks? We were certainly excited by the Burrows Recovery fleet when we were asked to design their website.

Once Mark Averill provided us with the outstanding images he'd taken of Burrows fleet it was clear that the pictures had to take centre stage. We could also visualise how to use the brand elements of the existing logo for designing the website. 

We used the chevron style in a few ways; to underline the pages in the navigation menu, to underline the page title, for the boxes directing you to the page options and for the hero banners at the top of each page. We also used the brand colour and complimented it with a lighter blue with lots of white space to help readability. The little things like the transparent chevron over the photographs are what we love to achieve with design elements.

As always when we approach a website design the navigation is a top priority; making it clear and easy to find the right information when you land on the website is key. We also ensure that we design for mobile optimisation as over 80% of internet users are using their mobile phone. It's important to use that the design style that works whether you are using Chrome on your desktop or Safari on your iPhone.

We're pleased with the http://burrowsrecovery.co.uk/ site. On brand, visually appealing, easy to navigate, well designed, engaging content. That's the website design we like to deliver.

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