Vibrant Accountancy

Two experienced accountants wanted us to brand their new company in way that stood out from the norm; less formal, more energy.

They also needed a brand name.

We suggested a number of appropriate words that contained the letters ‘I’ and ‘B’ next to each other to represent the co-founder's names - Ian and Bev. This idea went down well and VIBRANT was the choice, a cool word that conveyed their sense of fun and high energy that can be somewhat lacking in this arena.

The branding is kept simple, letting the typography highlight the two relevant letters by using bright contrasting colours, carefully chosen so they work well on light and dark backgrounds.

The ‘V’ shape is used in isolation where appropriate and is the basis for repeat patterns whenever backgrounds and texture are needed to add even more vibrancy. They've used this extensively in their office and of course on their social media where it fit perfectly.

Definitely not your usual accountants ..

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