Modern Cloth Nappies

Modern Cloth Nappies, well the clue is in the name. They sell reusable nappies for boys and girls (baby’s to toddlers). Carbon footprint and trying to make greener choices when it comes to everyday life is a big consideration. Disposable nappies, of course, being a HUGE contributor to landfill and plastic use has people thinking what can I change to? For every disposable nappy we throw away it takes over 500 years to decompose so it's time to make the change and use reusable! A wonderful ethos but the idea is to make them more desirable and easier to use. 

The MCN icon is created by using a combination of letter shapes from the initials within the company name. These are then crafted to illustrate the general shape of a nappy with the central part being the crossover fastening area. The logotype uses a font called Century Gothic which has a timeless elegant modern feel to it. The name hints at why the logo needed to be clean and pure in its execution. The colour palette contains sophisticated muted tones which work for both sexes. Check them out at

Projects Completed

Brand identity - Stationery - Social Media Graphics - Colour Palette and Assets. 

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