Burrows & Sturgess

We were thrilled to be approached by Charles to revive Burrows & Sturgess, a soft drinks brand founded in 1850 that quenched Derby for over 100 years!

The brief was to respect the heritage of the company and create a sophisticated alternative to the usual soft tipples available when you’re drinking non-alcoholic. Put simply we needed to reflect Burrows & Sturgess being a superior soft drink with intriguing and exciting flavour combinations along with its heritage.

We initially designed 3 options, experimenting with the balance between traditional and modern, eventually deciding that the elaborate illustration style of the 1850’s. 

Chris was very excited to use pencils rather than pixels to draw the Derby Ram, Rose and all the swirly filigree surrounding it.

Working closely with the new owner, every detail has been carefully considered. Ornate hand drawn images, including the Derby Rose and Ram, are woven together in the Victorian style.

The lip-smacking fusion of old school graphics, plus crisp, modern flavour combinations make for a product that looks as good as it tastes. 

We’ll drink to that.

Projects Completed

Brand design • Illustration • Stationery