DB Sports Massage Therapy Brand Identity

DB Sports Massage Therapy have been operating for just over a year. Their client base and service offering has increased to a level where they felt the need to refresh the brand. They understand the value and perception a brand delivers. 

The icon is created using lines to symbolise a running track to give that nod to sport and the 3 lines also represent the muscle strands/fibres in the body.
We have then positioned and shaped them into the letter ‘D’ and ‘B’ to form the initials of the company. We have also cut a diagonal edge into the icon on the left side to make it more dynamic in its appearance. Always moving forward and making progression in the treatments.

The colours have been carefully chosen to compliment each other. The vibrant Yellow represents energy which our bodies need to perform. 
The Grey adds a solid contrast to help emphasise the Yellow and give an all round balance to the tones. 

Projects Completed

Brand Identity, Corporate Stationery, Social Media Graphics 

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