Just Jet Wash Derby had a name that said it all.. but the company has ambition,  wanting to add more cleaning services, change the name, rebrand, and improve their marketing… just the kind of job we love!

We renamed the company CleanCore and created a simple but strong double ‘C’ icon to accompany it. By lining up the ‘C’ of CleanCore within the icon, the concentric design is emphasised. A droplet on the end of the icon echoes the fluids involved in the cleaning processes and makes a repeat appearance on the middle of the ‘O’.

This ‘target’ motif emphasises the word ‘core’ and is used in isolation as visual punctuation for marketing material. 

With a mix of print and digital marketing in the pipeline, these boys are set to clean up.

Projects Completed

New company name, rebranding, marketing collateral

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