Birch Bulletin: Creative robots, National Beer Day, And More…

It’s An Interesting One This Week

Robots, Beer and Evolution. We’ve picked out some great topics this week and we’re excited to see what you all think! Like always, let us know your thoughts on social media, so tweet us on Twitter or post on our Facebook page!

Creativity Vs Robots

As robots become ever more sophisticated and intelligent only workers with highly creative jobs are immune to the threat of automation, according to new research into the UK labour market.

A recent Nesta report –  Creativity versus Robots concludes that highly creative roles are safe and recommends that creativity and the arts should be a much more important consideration in our education system.

Ranking over 500 professions it found that graphic designers are among the professions least likely to be replaced by robots over the next 20 years. Yay!

This is music to our ears at Silver Birch. Creativity is not an automated response. We pride ourselves in analysing a brief in human terms as well as business terms, connecting with the heart as well as the head.

Knowing we can admire, rather than fear the Robot means we love them even more. Seriously, check out these bad boys.

Amazing right? Needless to say we’re still a long way away from futuristic androids, as those examples are obviously still pretty uncanny, but us creatives can have peace of mind knowing that we’re still pretty irreplaceable!

Grab A Pint 

It’s National Beer Day next Monday 15th of June! We’re not sure if it was a wise decision to make National Beer day a Monday, but either way it’s an event worth celebrating! There are going to be plenty of pubs and breweries around the UK celebrating NBD (National Beer Day) so it’s worth keeping an eye out for any special events or offers going on around your area.

So, in relation to this glorious day we think it’s worth asking a question that we’d love to hear your feedback about. Whether you’re a beer fanatic or just a regular visitor to the local, does a great looking beer label draw your attention? In our opinion it’s a definite yes, but what about you? We tend to find the best beer is accompanied by a clip label that really shows soul, a design that proves consideration went into every aspect of producing their product, from brewery to bar!

We’ve done plenty of work with Hartshorns Brewery over the years, producing around 10 great looking beer labels for their products. You can see just a few of them here! You can see Hartshorns put real passion into their work, and what better way to show it off than with a flashy clip?

Brand Evolution 

Karl spotted an infographic earlier this week and passed it around the studio, this infographic presented 12 classic logos which are very well known, and presented their evolution over the years. Incase you haven’t already followed the link in the sentence above, you’ll see global favourites such as Pepsi, Apple, Mercedes, Microsoft and more.

It’s really interesting to spot trends and see how each logo changed in relation to the time period, for example the majority of initial logos are in black and white but an odd few change it up, such as BMW and Pepsi. Another interesting thing to see is how in some years, companies make drastic changes compared to recent designs, and so on.

We think it’s definitely worth taking a look at, so here’s the link again, and why not let us know which logo is your favourite? Maybe one of the older designs catch your eye, in any case we’d love to know what you think!

Quick Last Point! 

Quickly before you go, you might have seen us posting about a certain “Giant Duck” all across our social media. The “Ey Up Mi Duck Race” gets businesses and individuals to personalise their own rubber duck and race it down The River Derwent in Derby Town on Saturday 13th June! The event starts at 11am and finishes at 3pm, so if you fancy coming down and taking a look, feel free to. You can see our creation on our Facebook and Twitter page, and we’re pretty proud of it!