The Importance Of Print

Print is still thriving 

Many people tend to think of print as a dying medium, and who can blame them considering the massive advancements in technology over the years? Some companies are even taking it a step further into entirely paperless production. Signs like this show that the world has developed, seizing opportunity in the extreme convenience of digital storage and online marketing. Saving businesses time and money for physical storage management and organisation, which can now be easily solved with the click of a button.

Side Note: Of course there are other explanations for entirely paperless production such as economic issues, and we fully support and admire the decision to look out for the environment, as and when appropriate we ourselves use paper from sustainable sources (FSC accredited).

Seems like the right way to go, right? We disagree. Print is an unmatchable experience, a physical product that’s been a crucial part of every business right from the start and why stop that now! Here’s why print is becoming increasingly crucial in today’s frantic working world.

The Experience 

As expressed by the Design Business Association

“So why a magazine, when the world appears to be going digital? Why not an e-newsletter, a PDF, an interactive web page? Well, frankly, because we want impact, and there is nothing like a physical product to engage heart and mind, to stimulate curiosity. Our days are spent in front of a screen; print has become a luxury, a moment of calm, an opportunity for reflection.”

The perfect explanation to start off, never was there truer words spoken! Everyone in the studio here loved that paragraph, and in fact it was one of the main reasons behind writing this post! As specialists in print we deal with so much paper, card, fabric, etc, that we can say that the possibilities and choices are endless. From Business Cards to Scratch Cards, you wouldn’t imagine that we still receive requests that we’ve never had the opportunity to deal with before, which makes every project that extra bit exciting.

What we’re trying to say is that you never have to stick with the crowd, print provides so many unique options for your business to take advantage of, stand out from the competition, and really receive some outstanding feedback; take these 15 innovative print ads for an inspirational example! The traditional simplicity of being handed a business card, receiving a personally delivered mailer, or being delivered your monthly magazine subscription, all trigger that sensory feeling which, as covered above, makes a relaxing change from our daily digital life. Personally, I’m far more likely to pick up and scan through a posted leaflet in my own time than open a randomly received email during busy work hours, wouldn’t you agree?

Worth It?

Printed products are gradually becoming more underestimated as the years go by, as social media and digital marketing becomes so much more popular for business, there’s a potential for a big opportunity. Take customers and prospects by surprise with some perhaps, innovative or personalised print work. Whether it’s high end business cards for networking to show that you don’t compromise when it comes to quality, or stylish soft touch laminated wallets for your company brochures; it’s worth summing up the pro’s and con’s of going that extra mile when representing your business!

Still not sure if print is for you?  We’d love to hear what you have to say about this subject, are you a print promoter, or a dedicated digital supporter?