Designing websites

Whilst we love the visual element of web design and enjoy taking your brand into the online sphere we ensure we keep in mind how hard your website needs to work for your business when we start designing. The structure and style of the website to help walk visitors through your site, the colours used for visual appeal that reflect your brand, the positioning of images and videos. All super important because whilst we want to design a website that keeps your eyes mesmerised we'll do so with the most important element in mind; that call to action which means new business, a sale or a lead to chase. A website that's fit for purpose as specified by you.

Clear messaging at the top of every page is key for us; we want visitorss to always know they've landed on the right page so you don't have a high bounce rate. We balance this with wanting to ensure visitors are engaged with the entire page. We stick to web design standards like your brand in the top left and the header containing the menu navigation for the site. But we do it with a design eye; what looks visually appealing, represents your brand and will engage visitors whether they are new or returning.

So whilst we're always aiming for a beautiful appearance when we kick off a web design project, it's all done with the visitor in mind. Finding what you need easily is the most important element of every website design we do.

Here's some of the website design projects we've completed: