Business Cards Matter

We’re believers that handing a business card out is important for first impressions, whether we’re handing out each others (we’re masters at that … you might have a Seleena card from Karl or vice versa!) or just doing a straight swap it’s a transaction The Birch people still love. And yes if you’ve handed us a business card we still have it, we still look through them, we find them out of the (well organised we know where every card is) pile to talk about a client or project.

When you’re an experienced designer there’s some things that you become quite passionate about; for Karl it’s paper and colour. So we spent time researching and talking to suppliers about what they material had on offer. We don’t just do this for our business cards, we help clients find the best stock for the final look they want to achieve too. 

We chose a Colorplan card stock which the epic team at Purely Digital then printed up for us after we’d popped together our design. Colorplan was born in the time when British TV sets transitioned from black and white to colour and bright vibrant pop art was well popular! In 1972 the colour programme selector from Colorplan was unlike anything designers had seen before and in their words ’never before had a paper range offered such a broad range of colours in every weight, size and finish’!

That’s genius we hear you say but The Birch card is sort of light greyish (it’s actually called Nomad Grey Smooth). It was the sustainability credentials for the card, manufacturing process and the beautiful finish that prompted us to chose this supplier and card stock. You can watch the Colorplan Bright Red video here …. it’s mesmerising!