Designed in good taste

So we were thrilled to be approached by Charles to revive Burrows & Sturgess, a non-alcoholic drinks brand founded in 1850 that delighted the people of Derbyshire for over 100 years!

A beverage brief

The brief was to respect the heritage of the company and create a sophisticated alternative for people today when they choose not to drink alcohol. Put simply we needed to reflect Burrows & Sturgess as being an outstanding contemporary non-alcoholic drink whilst celebrating the brand’s Derbyshire heritage when designing the brand.

We initially designed 3 options, experimenting with the balance between traditional and modern, eventually deciding that the elaborate illustration style of the 1850’s was the best approach for this product brand.

Chris was very excited to use pencils rather than pixels to draw the Derbyshire Ram and Tudor Rose woven into the elegant Victorian filigree surrounding it.

Working closely with the new owner, every detail has been carefully considered. Ornate hand drawn images, including the Derbyshire Ram and golden Tudor Rose, are woven together in the Victorian style.

Chris drawing the Derbyshire Ram

A refreshing result

The first flavour, Rhubarb & Rose, has seen brilliant uptake by various establishments around Derbyshire. The Rhubarb & Rose botanical blend boasts a wonderful aroma, complex layers of flavour and made with exclusively natural ingredients.

You can enjoy the Burrows & Sturgess at some of the fab eateries around the county, like The Cock Inn at Mugginton or The Dragon at Willington and of course if you are out and about around the iconic Chatsworth Estate it is available there too! If not, there’s no problem, you can order a bottle online at

“Karl and Chris are simply great to work with, they’re professional, a lot of fun to work with and they delivered a fantastic result at the end of the project.

The approach was one of fluid conversations and iteration of the design as we moved in on the final version. I think this way of working is a function of their innate desire to really and truly understand the needs of their client ensuring that the outcome is nothing short of exceptional.” says Charles.

Burrows and Sturgess non-alcoholic drink with a beautiful brand design

We’ll drink to that. Cheers from The Birch

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