Announcing our brand refresh​

“Silver Birch Creative celebrates it’s eleventh year in business this year and the above quote seems very appropriate to me. ​I feel the time has come to tweak and refresh the current brand identity. But where has the thought process come from to feel now is the time to adapt? Well that’s where the Einstein quote plays its part.” outlines Karl Shaw

The story of Silver Birch Creative​

Reading this quote again and being our 11th year it made Karl look back to when the agency began back in 2008. It’s important when working with brands that you look to where it emerged from, the aim of the brand when it first set off on it’s journey. There’s always a story to every brand and we’re no different!​

Karl tells us the back story “It made me look at our original identity and the name. How did we become Silver Birch Creative? What was the reasoning behind it. Well being the type of person I am I wanted it to have some depth or meaning to the name. We’d had some personal heartache within our small family which not only struck once but twice. Losing two babies especially in a traumatic way plays heavy on the mind and always will. To help with the healing we looked into nature. We wanted to plant a tree in the garden which would always be a symbol of hope and inspiration. ​

Our research lead us to the Silver Birch tree. It is one of the most sacred trees in Celtic Mythology and symbolises new beginnings and protection. It is also wonderful for wildlife and is especially loved by the bees and gardens birds. The tree itself is beautiful in appearance with its silver-white bark and delicate leaves.  So when the penny finally dropped it all made sense that we should call the agency Silver Birch Creative. The strapline would be ‘The tree of new beginnings’.” ​

Every brand needs a visual identity​

“Designing the actual logo was another creative dilemma. It’s really hard designing something for yourself. That process took some time but it was right for us at that time. The key element of that logo was the little fella which sat proud on the letter ‘B’. Yes that’s our Mr Goldfinch. One of the most attractive garden birds you will ever see in Britain with it’s crown like face and contrasting colours. For whatever reason our tree used to attract the Goldfinches in numbers, so to add that speck of personality to the identity we added him to our logo. We see nature very much like graphic design. Those added touches of detail and colour that may get overlooked but elevate a piece of artwork to greatness.” explains Karl. ​


So what does our refresh look like?​

Bringing us back to 2019 and the WHY are we refreshing the brand identity. Well it’s because we felt we’d lost our sense of visual personality.​

The one element that was missing was our little friend the Goldfinch which needs to be upfront and centre.  We like to think that our new visual element has simplicity and is authentic, it’s us, the real people behind a brand.​

Our hexagonal lozenge is to stop as well as our font (Clarendon) which are staple elements to our brand. ​

Karl tells us about the design journey “The difficult part now was to illustrate the bird in a simplistic style which has a nod to the characteristics of the Goldfinch. It needed a dynamic purity about it. Smooth clean lines without too much detail. You wouldn’t believe how many tweaks were made. Adding in and taking out. Proportions and curve alterations. We’ve been living with him for some time now until we finally made him sing. We are now totally ready to fly and with Seleena joining the Birch family we are more complete in terms of our creative/marketing offer.”​

Seleena brings a wealth of marketing experience and skills to The Birch. She’s passionate about all things marketing including strategy, planning, data analysis, market research, competitor analysis and the tactics needed to smash your business objectives.

“My aim is to cut through jargon and deliver outstanding marketing support to businesses. So whilst I’ll look at the 7Ps, complete a SWOT and develop detailed campaign plans I’ll always deliver in understandable actionable marketing” Seleena says.

Working alongside the very experienced designers Karl and Chris, Seleena adds to the Silver Birch brand offering. “I love to create brand strategies diving into business to research the target market, understand the current brand perception and define a value proposition. All with one goal in mind; delivering the best tools to communicate your brand’s story and personality.”

“My core values are centred around trust, respect, authenticity plus being kind and helpful so I truly feel I’ve landed at the best place possible for me as the Silver Birch Creative brand personality is aligned to my life values.” concludes Seleena


So you’ve heard about our journey and where we are today; we take branding very seriously. We spend time to understand your brand story, get to know your personality and hear about your heritage so that we can develop something unique to your business. The Birch’s journey over the last 11 years has been interesting and we’ve learnt much including how very special our own Goldfinch is.​