Unique Brand Identity

The Birch studio has just delivered one of its more unique brand identities.

With any new company logo design we always offer and present three concepts. This gives the client a good variation of contrasting ideas for them to decide which connects best with them. 

With this particular project the client couldn’t choose between two of the logos. The brand in question is called ‘Leonard’, they design and build bespoke interiors to a high standard.

The bespoke element is a key factor within their offering which opened up a discussion between ourselves and the client. Interiors were their main focus but it became clear that they would be creating exterior works as well. Because of the diversity and creativity of the work and the fact there would be two clear defined areas to the business, we thought it would be a great idea to use both the logos to identify these. 

One for interior and one for exterior. They both then have the same bespoke appearance like the service offering. Awesome! Why not break the mould from the normal brand identity practice. This got us super excited and it was a joint decision between designer and client. 

Leonard is still in the preliminary stage of developing the business as it builds up a portfolio of work to demonstrate their skill.

We can’t wait to help and develop the brand further. Here are the two chosen identities, let the fun begin.