Brand identity refresh for security company

Not all brand identities start from scratch. Some companies we work with require a refresh or evolution of their current logo. One of our latest rebrands was for a Derby company called UK Security Services. Their original logo gave the impression of a security water mark, something that you would see printed within a Ten pound note. This has obviously worked well for them for some years and due to the deposit box service you can see the connection. Where this icon falls down is the amount of colours and layers. For maximum impact this icon will always have to be placed on a white background. It is more of a decorative pattern and image rather than a company icon.

It's important to listen to the client and it was obvious they had a connection with this image and wanted to some how evolve it. First of all we had to simplify the shape (windmill we called it) as this instantly gave more impact and is easier for the eye to recognise. Security is about strength and being assertive. So naturally when we redesigned the icon the structure had to demonstrate this. The individual legs of the windmill icon still represent the services the company offer. In terms of colour we opted for Orange and Black, two very good impact and contrast colours. There is no doubt these mean business.

The versatility of the identity now means the icon and logotype can sit portrait or landscape. Not only that but the icon can be used as a device on it's own. The preferred choice / master logo is to be used on the Black background but works just as well on White if needed.

Over the next months we are hoping to see the new brand translate onto all the companies marketing collateral.

SBC can create brands from scratch or evolve existing ones. Whatever it takes to get your message out there.

If you are interested in talking about your brand identity we don't charge for meetings. An informal chat over a tea, coffee or beer is all that's needed.


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