Twisted Turnip

It’s great supporting local businesses and no more so than Twisted Turnip, a Derby based start-up. They have a great story and ethical values behind their project. Here’s a bit about them.

“We set up Twisted Turnip to help farmers find a home for produce that doesn’t meet the strict standards set by UK supermarkets.  We’ve both witnessed first-hand the shocking levels of produce that is rejected and we wanted to take action!
So here we are, connecting local people with local producers, bringing top quality vegetables of all shapes and sizes to the market and ensuring our prices are fair for both the farmer and our customers.

Clare and Ian

With such a great name and business plan Twisted Turnip approached us to create their brand identity. We took into account the ethical value and organic offering the company wanted to visually present. We ended up with a lozenge that was slightly misshapen with a little twist to the opposite corners. The font we used had the rustic stamp effect to emphasise that organic feel. For the master colour we chose a beetroot red but this can be changed to follow seasons without losing its visual identity. On this occasion the Birch didn't create the website but we did design and supply promotional flyers printed on a lovely 160gsm recycled paper.

Here’s a little more about Twisted Turnip’s offering. 

"We like to keep things simple.  Our vegetable boxes contain seasonal produce grown in Derbyshire that hasn’t been sorted through to meet unnecessarily high cosmetic standards. We keep packaging to a minimum and you won’t find individual packaged vegetables in our boxes! We offer a number of different box sizes and prices start at £4.50. We’re incredibly passionate about our products and we know that you’ll enjoy them as much as we do.

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