It is now a year since we refreshed our brand and website - how time flies. Talking of flying - our streamlined look did not include the bird that had been with us from the beginning and the little fella has been missed. So, as SBC celebrate 8 years of doing our thing, we are very happy to welcome him back into the family. Go ahead and hover your mouse over the SBC logo or just give it a few moments and you'll see the little guy appear. 

SBC have a combined experience of over 60 years doing this Graphic Design malarky.

Pretty impressive when you think there are only 5 of us...  we must be doing something right as we are all still in love with the business and continue to deliver successful answers to whatever our clients throw at us.

A quick look back over our combined work shows that we know our craft from A to Z. Our alphabet of icons and logos illustrate our diverse approach to branding over almost any discipline.

So... if you need help with brand creation, development or refresh, and your company contains any letters*, you know where to come! Here's to the future.

* We can do numbers too!