We have grown up with Photoshop. We have seen it evolve into the heavyweight it is today. We love it.

This ubiquitous software is now so popular that it seems to have become a verb... ‘I’ll photoshop the horse into the background’ etc.. but even with all that potential, the software is only as good as the person operating it.

We were recently asked to take an image of a car.... remove the graphics.... change the colour.... add new graphics based only on a low-resolution flat plan of the new car - as seen above.


Our retouching expert [Dave] not only had to redraw the new decals over the top of the car using his perception of the 3D space [PShop is essentially a 2D package] but needed to judge how the light and shadow will affect them as they follow the contours of the car. 

The successful outcome combines years of technical expertise and knowledge of Photoshop’s power, with the sharp aesthetic of an artist, to instinctively replicate light, shade and form on the car. 

The irony is that often the best Photoshop work goes unnoticed - when done with craft and subtlety the image is accepted as real and the retouchers skill remains invisible.

But our client understood what was involved and appreciated the time and money saved... 

Chris Wright

Senior Creative