I sometimes sign off a written note with a little ‘selfie’ drawing, when I want it to
mean more than just a scribbled message. It makes the communication a bit friendlier,
that quick sketch of me connects with the reader in a more personal way.  

Using a character is a great way to bring personality into branding, they can add a playful,
fun element especially if the service or product has a rather dull stereotype. 

Here at SBC we have recently used this approach for a couple of our clients. 


Specialists in website design and development, content management systems and all aspects of digital marketing, Hawkify asked us to create simple likenesses of all the staff and add them to scenes of complicated machinery to represent their knowledge of this complex world.

As huge Star Wars fans, Hawkify also asked us to illustrate scenes from the original film to coincide with the release of The Force Awakens.

They loved these illustrations so much they have been incorporated into all their marketing material and we were commissioned to animate them on the website. 

"Silver Birch Creative have given Hawkify a new lease of life with these fantastic animations that really convey our fun personality well! Web Design is a complicated and technical environment and SBC have really shown how much they understand our industry by creating these designs.."


PKF Cooper Parry are Business Advisors and Accountants who like to do things a little differently. They are bright, entrepreneurial people who operate in a similarly dazzling world of colour and positivity.

SBC have helped to inject personality and fun into their internal communications with staff illustrations and characters. We even introduced a PKF nemesis, the Tax monster, but we are sure he is no match for these guys. 

When you consider that the “face with tears of joy emoji” is the Oxford Dictionaries word of the year, perhaps the time is right for more brands to add character to their communication. 

By Chris Wright.