Seven Design Fundamentals

The number seven has many cultural references; wonders, magnificent, deadly sins, year itch etc. and we thought, why not have our own take to celebrate! So, here are seven fundamentals that will feature in any design project.


Straight, curved, squiggly, thick, thin etc. Lines may be used to give form to a shape, connect objects or emphasise text.


Geometric shapes create a feeling of precision, while more fluid, natural shapes may express more abstract themes.


The palette of any design is crucial. Warmth, calm, nostalgia, sensuality etc can be created and/or exaggerated with the right colours and combinations.


Smooth or rough, tactile [print] or implied [digital], texture can be a great way of adding depth and interest.


Using or combining large and small elements can shift the emphasis or change the pace in a design. Clever use of scale can help a design to feel ‘happy’ and create a hierarchy.


The value of an area is how light or dark it is, and can be used to lead the eye, create depth and provide highlights.


What isn’t there is just as important as what is. Space [or lack of it] can separate or group elements and help to create harmony to a layout. 

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